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Mango Wine

A light bodied wine with a soft finish that goes well with white fish, sushi and light pasta dishes. A Florida favorite. Try it with chunks of frozen Mangos for a special  experience.

Mango Tiki

Pink Flamango


A delicate yet tall stepping tropical balance of Mango and Red Muscadine wines. Rich seafood, like lobster and crab, and white meats, like chicken or pork, all flock to it..

Mango Tiki

Beach Nut

Semi-Dry White Table Wine

A crisp semi-dry white wine. Goes great chilled with a white sand beach, blue ocean breezes, smoked fish dip on crackers with green chili hot sauce. Oh, and it goes great with nuts too.

Mango Tiki


Sweet White Muscadine Table Wine.

Made from golden bronze muscadine grapes, this refreshing wine resonates with the sweet crispness of a cool jammin' island steel drum. A perfect dance partner with cheese, fresh fruit, and conga lines. Sorry, band not included.

Mango Tiki

Marlin Monroe


She's a great catch. She's busting with full bodied flavor. She's sweet yet sassy and sexy. She loves finger foods, rice and pasta dishes, windy days, bright lights, and happy birthday wishes.

Mango Tiki

Rastamon Red Red

Semi-Sweet Red Red Wine

A crisp semi dry red red wine is a great picnic partner served chilled on any beach, on any island, under any palm tree. Hammock recommended. Ya mon.

Mango Tiki

Rated Arrr

Semi - Drrry Red Table Wine

This semi-drrry wine is made from the robust flavorrr of the Noble muscadine grape blended with a drrry red viniferrra grape. A great wine with BBQ’s, rrred meats, and for voyaging to plunderrring booty.… Arrr.

Mango Tiki

That's What She Said

Sweet Red Muscadine Table Wine

The traditional southern taste most often associated with the red muscadine grape.  Although it may be fruity, don't let that fool you....it is also big and bold and is great for dessert. That’s What She Said.

Mango Tiki

Cap'n Polly's Private Plunder

Muscadine Dessert Wine

A Ridiculously delicious easy sippin', tourble easin', pleasure on your palette Bourbon Barrel-Aged Muscadine Dessert Wine

Mango Tiki