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YES! Every public event we have great food vendors, including all weekend music event, concerts, & special events. During these events we do not allow off premise food. Some of our preferred vendors  include: Georgia Boy's Famous Wings, Mi Cabana Taco Truck. , Creative Chef on Wheels, Taco Trap, Red's Kitchen, Custom Creations, and Ketchafire.

Many of these vendors are available for catering private events at the winery as well, and Carters Grocery can be added for catering.( they have great BBQ)

Sure! We encourage people to come out and have picnic whenever there are no public events, or the property has not been rented for a private event like a wedding.

YES! We carry a nice line of Boars Head products and more! Here is our current menu:

  • Club Crackers - $0.50
  • Sleeve of Crackers - $1.00
  • Box of Crackers - $2.50
  • Red Pepper Hummus & Pretzels - $5.00
  • Traditional Hummus & Pretzels - $5.00
  • White Bean Hummus - $6.00
  • Roasted Red Pepper Hummus - $6.00
  • Old Florida Chips $6.00
  • Jalapeno Havarti - $7.00
  • Vermont Yellow Cheddar - $7.00
  • Salami & Provolone Slices - $7.50
  • Sopressota - $7.50
  • Prosciutto & Mozzarella Roll - $8.75
  • Salsa or Chutney - $8.50
  • Macy's Original Smoked Fish Dip - $12.00
  • Mrs. Peters Mermaid Fish Dip - $10.00
  • Cowgill Original Hot Sauce - $7.50

In addition we also carry snack like chips, crackers and candy bars.


Sorry we NEVER allow ANY off premise beverages, including water, or filled or non-clear beverage containers, at the winery. Nor do we allow any tailgating. We have everything you may need in regards to beverages here, including FREE water if desired during events.

Regulations concerning alcohol are established by the State of Florida, not by our winery. Any alcohol, other than Summer Crush's, is STRICTLY PROHIBITED on the premises. Any guests found in violation will be asked to leave immediately.


We do not encourage or discourage children at the winery. That being said, we have, however, learned from several customers who are parents of young children that they have been more relaxed and enjoyed the event more when they were able to get away for an adult experience. We are an adult entertainment destination and are not designed for young children. So in the spirit of everyone being safe, especially the children, and everyone having a good time, we have developed some rules and recommendations if you choose to bring young well behaved children to our public events.


Children under 12 MUST

  • Be well behaved and in the immediate accompanying supervision of an adult over 18 at all times.
  • Not run around unattended.
  • Keep their shoes on at all times.
  • Not Climb on anything, including: Tables, Bocce Ball Court, Fire Pits, trees, etc...
  • Are not allowed to be: on swings, on the dock, on the water's edge or in the vineyard as there may be natural hazards such as snakes and spiders etc.., , in the vineyard, in the tasting room, around any fire pit and not play winery games without the accompanying supervision of an adult over 18.

These rules are for the safety and enjoyment of all of our patrons while at our winery, especially the safety of your children. If any of these above rules are not followed you may be asked to remove the child(children) from the premises.

If you choose to bring your child to an event, we recommend that you bring something to keep your child occupied, like a coloring book, small silent video game, or other activity that can keep them occupied.

Please also remember that we are an agritourism establishment with the inherent WARNING that comes with being in the country:


Agritourism properties have inherent risks such as surface and subsurface conditions of the land, behavior of poisonous or dangerous insects or animals, and the ordinary dangers of structures and equipment. Visitors entering the property understand and accept these inherent risks.(Florida Statute 570.961 - Agritourism activity)


No Pets Allowed In Pavilion. If rain please stay at east end of pavilion during rain and be prepared to return to the outdoor patio seating when rain quits.

In association with National Dog Bite Prevention Week and leading insurance companies, including our own, we have adopted their lists of dog breeds they consider dangerous to  NOT be allowed here at the winery, and according to their rules can result in denial of coverage. This list is drawn from research studies including the U.S. National Center for Injury Prevention and Control and include any with mixes of any of the below with any other less dangerous breeds: Pit Bull Terriers, Staffordshire Terriers, Rottweilers, German Shepherds, Presa Canarios, Chows Chows, Doberman Pinschers, Akitas, Wolf-hybrids, Mastiffs, Cane Corsos, Great Danes, Alaskan Malamutes, and Siberian Huskies.

  • If your pet misbehaves, be prepared to leave the winery immediately. Barking Or Fighting Pets Must Leave The Premise Immediately.
  • Any doggie do-do must be picked up immediately and put in the doggie waste can on east end of the pavilion, NOT in the regular trash cans. There is a designated doggie walk/potty zone on the east side of the pond.
  • If you wish to sit at a table with your pet, there is a Doggie area on the east side of the pavilion on the outdoor patio area with designated pet tables which have "Designated Pet Table" signs on them.
  • No pets are allowed in the tasting room or in the pavilion, due to health department food service regulations (Other than CERTIFIED service dogs). PLEASE HAVE YOUR SERVICE DOG WHERE THEIR VEST. 
  • Pets must be leashed at all times.
  • Dogs and wine don't mix. Do not give your pet any of our beverages.
  • Under all circumstance you agree to be 100% responsible and liable for your dog and its actions while here on our property.
  • Pets only allowed for free afternoon events. No pets allowed for any ticketed or evening concerts/events

If we find these rules are not being followed we will end the trial and return to our previous no pet policy.


You are welcome to bring your own folding chairs to set out under the Oaks trees on event day. We do have seating under the pavilion and picnic tables on the patio, and on the dock and usually our seating is enough for everyone.


All our events are RAIN OR SHINE, as the pavilion has sides that can be pulled down and the band and food are all here Rain or Shine as well. Many customers like rain days because they feel like they have their own personal little party. We do reserve the right, however, to cancel an event or ask everyone to leave if there is dangerous weather conditions approaching.


Our facilities are all handicap accessible, including the tasting room, pavilion and restrooms.

If you have handicap needs for one of our concerts, please be sure to let us know when buying your tickets so we can accommodate, as seats are assigned for most concerts. For our free music events with open seating there is no need to inform us.

There are handicap parking spaces closest to the tasting room and over flow near the entrance for larger events.


Yes there is, we recommend the HOLIDAY INN EXPRESS & SUITES WEST at the Ft. Pierce Turnpike/I-95 exit only 8 miles from the winery. In fact they are our host hotel and if you mention SUMMER CRUSH or the code ILESW you will recieve a 20-30% discounted rates, depending on the time of year and type of room you select. They can be reached at:


If you join Harvest Hosts and follow their rules and specification, YES YOU CAN! Harvest Host allows members to stay at wineries and family farms all over the country without a site charge. Visit www.harvesthosts.com for more info

Please let us know if there are any other questions you may have that are not answered above.